No more being or staying single anymore!

You do not have to stay more single and spend days without your mate. 


Write us about yourself. Step by step we find your mate. Progress will be slow. But the time we find the one for you it will be immediate response to match. We question you and them deeply before any date so that we control your suiting level. 

In case we believe that it would be a match you got the full info of them. 

You have a lot to do. Then we can find you the suiting person and then you match and date with the one! 


We dont show your name and photo. Your age height weight all will be in general terms. We fully share your thoughts and understanding of your life as much as it is not telling who the person is. For example if you have 5,80 foot (1,77cm) height we say 5,74-5,90foot (1,75-1,80cm). If your age is 33 we say is 30-35. Like that we keep who you are until everyside is confirming to date each!

Until that time your id and photo and name will not be shared!