Don't judge man immediately on first look or hearing one saying. This is actually for both sex. Every man can have big impact inside. Also it may not have too. Take  a chance to give them opportunity. Manhood in origin is based on showoff. They will be willing to impress you if you give them a chance. Try to brighten them with your positive attitude. Sometimes complement them too. Very few woman do that. You have a few competitor in that manner. 

You will be able to read tips for both for woman and man. All these tips are subjective and not an objective. The living conditions you have and your network or lifestyle may not be a suitable to follow the tips listed here and also you may fail by following them! It would be better to comprehend what it is saying here and decide on your own whether to follow or not to follow it. It is not definite that this will be good for you. It may harm you too. Last decision is always your decision.