Something stay same. Yes we are out of cave from the first era. At that time we need a food. Now it is kind of money. Always focus on your job or to do. This will increase your options. You don't have to build a castle or palace! It would be convenient to be able to have a level of income in case you need a home and food. As you know woman may ask to live with you forever. At that time it would be a better even you are with your parents; have a sufficient amount or cash flow to raise a standart for living together and also supplying her shelter and food when they are pregnant. Basic but still true. This will put you in different situation.

You will be able to read tips for both for woman and man. All these tips are subjective and not an objective. The living conditions you have and your network or lifestyle may not be a suitable to follow the tips listed here and also you may fail by following them! It would be better to comprehend what it is saying here and decide on your own whether to follow or not to follow it. It is not definite that this will be good for you. It may harm you too. Last decision is always your decision.